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Janice Hardy. The Shifter: The Healing Wars Book I 
Balzer & Bray  $22.50  ISBN 978-0-06174-704-5  384 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 11

Nya and Tally lose their parents in the war, leaving them homeless and struggling to survive. Tally joins the Takers; Healers that can take pain and push it into pynvium, an enchanted metal that stores pain. Nya stays undercover and alone, taking odd jobs and stealing to survive because Nya is different. She can't push pain into pynvium like her sister; she can take pain and put it into others. If anyone ever found out! Then without Nya meaning to, her secret is revealed and she is forced to hurt others to stay alive. When loved ones are threatened, Nya makes life-changing decisions that will change the world.

The Shifter was an intense, fast-paced novel that I just couldn’t put down; the plot was so exciting, and the intriguing characters fit perfectly inside Hardy’s dark world where this story takes place. The decisions that Nya had to make made me shiver, and every inch of the story was filled to the brim with excitement, mystery, and magic. The beginning made me read on, the middle was heart pounding, and the end was satisfactory. I wanted to read the next book so bad, that I could hardly open another book because the story was still continuing to race through my mind, and my arms were shaking with adrenaline. Janice Hardy transported me into the book so well, that her world will probably continue to live inside my head for years to come. My only regret was that I read it too fast.

Janice Hardy’s masterpiece, The Shifter, a story about a world where the wrong choices are often the easiest to make gets 5 stars (6 if I could), and I recommend it for grades 5 and up.



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