Sarah's Stars

David Almond. Skellig 
Delacorte $18.99  ISBN 978-0-385-32653-7  182 pg.
Reviewed By Victoria, Age 12

I hardly slept that night. Every time I did drop off I saw him coming out of the garage door and coming through the ragged backyard to the house. I saw him in my bedroom. I saw him come right to the bed. He stood there all dusty and white with the dead bluebottles all over him.

"What do you want?" he whispered. "I said, what do you want?"

In this emotional novel, 10-year-old Michael, along with his little sister and parents move to a new house. His new friend Mina lives next door, and Skellig is living in Michaelís old garage. Michaelís friends know him for his extreme talent in football, but mostly all he thinks about is his baby sister, who was born with an unhealthy heart. When "Doctor Death" (his real name is Doctor Dan, but to Michael he is Doctor Death) is at his house, his worry for his little sister grows. But in this extraordinary tale, Mina and Michael bring Skellig, a super-natural being, back to his original health.

The emotion in this book was rich, and very touching. The story itself was very unique, like the one ripe apple on a large tree full of sour apples. Itís a fun book to read with just the right amount of characters; not so many that you forget half of them some where in the book, and not too little that you get bored after a chapter or two. The one thing that put me on edge a bit was how short most of the chapters were, and the continuous use of the word stupid. Although Michael is only 10 years old, I believe that he could have lightened up on the word stupid. Otherwise a great read for ages 9 to 14.

All in all, I believe Skellig deserves 4 stars. Almondís Skellig has won many awards, been on many best book of the year lists and is said to be Ďone of the best novels published in the last decadeí.


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