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Michael Scott. The Sorceress
Delacorte $23.99  ISBN 978-0-385-90515-2  512 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 15

The damp oily odor of rusting cars and the wet fur of the Gabriel Hounds was suddenly swamped by a repellent stink. The twins immediately recognized the smell from a working vacation they had spent with their parents in Peru: it was the putrid odor of the jungle, heavy with the cloying scent of rot and damp, of decaying trees and noxious deadly flowers.

And then Cernunnos and the Wild Hunt attacked.

Picking up right where last year's The Magician left off, the twins of legend, Sophie and Josh Newman, are on the run to London, with their guide, the immortal Nicholas Flamel. Dr. John Dee is right behind them, along with Machiavelli and the Dark Elders who control every move they make. The fate of the world lies in the hands of Sophie and Josh, two teens whose summer jobs landed them right in the middle of a battle between the otherworldly forces of good and evil. Before taking on the Dark Elders, the two must learn the five elemental magics of Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Aether. But time is running out. Day by day Nicholas grows weaker and weaker as his body ages quickly without the spell keeping him and his wife alive. Meanwhile Perenelle is still trapped on Alcatraz with the giant mythical spider Areop-Enap and the crow goddess. And where exactly did Scatty, the ancient vampire warrior end up when she was dragged into the Seine by a dragon? But for now, the twins are holed up in London, looking for their next teacher, the Elder Gilgamesh. Too bad he's a little bit crazy, and monsters are attacking them left and right...Join Josh, Sophie and Nicholas in the exciting third installment in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel!

Ah, the third time's the charm. The Alchemyst was too cheesy and The Magician was a bit flat, but finally, The Sorceress was nearly impossible to put down and its twists and turns surprised me, instead of boring me. Now that Josh and Sophie both have their powers, things are getting pretty exciting. There are epic battles with ancient and powerful monsters and Gods left and right, and the mysterious identity of the sinister Dark Elders was intriguing. Perenelle, my favourite character, had a fantastic sub-plot of being stuck on Alcatraz and it was quite interesting to see how the relationship between her and the monsters played out. Unlike the previous two installments, the cheese-factor was kept to a minimum, replaced instead by action by the bucket load. The mix of modern technology and magic from the dawn of time flowed smoothly, and Michael Scott's research is to be commended. I especially enjoyed the diversity of the mythical creatures. Monsters from all across the globe and even from otherworldly legends fit right in with the high-tech weapons of modern-day Europe. Another thing I liked about the book were the characters. Sophie and Josh have grown so much in just a few short days and the tension between the twins and the Flamels kept me reading. The ending promises another spectacular book and there are still many questions to be answered and monsters to battle that will keep me on the lookout for the next book.

I give Michael Scott's The Sorceress five out of five stars.


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