Broomstick Ride
Hanna, Age 7, Quesnel, BC

Once upon a Halloween night
A spooky noise gave me a fright.
I was just wearing my costume,
and tying my shoe,
but when I looked up
and someone yelled “Boo!”

She had a long broom,
she gave me a twitch,
she had a black hat
because she was a witch!
Now, with that broom,
I got on the back seat,
I sat on a spider,
It gave me the creeps!

The moon was so big,
orange and round,
it looked like it was shattering
all over the ground.

On the witches’ broom,
up and above,
I waved to my friends,
Just like a dove.

I saw ghosts, mummies,
vampires too,
princesses, lions,
and a stick of bamboo.

I was down on the ground
And I said “goodbye”,
Then the broomstick went off
like a butterfly.

I will say one more thing,
To end off the week,
beware of the broomsticks
when you Trick or Treat!

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