Sarah's Stars

Jacqueline Wilson. Cookie 
Random House  $28.00 ISBN 978-0-385-61397-2  320 pg.
Reviewed by Samantha, Age 12

“What? You’re not really going?” said Dad. “Because I set the damn rabbit free?”

“Because of many many things,” said Mum.

“Now, listen. I’ve had enough of this. Walk out of here and you’re never coming back, do you understand? And if you think I’m setting you up in another Happy Home you’re very much mistaken. I’ll sue you for desertion and I won’t pay you a penny. I won’t have any money anyway, not if I’m done for bribery. I’ll probably end up in jail.”

“I don’t care where you end up,” said Mum. “Don’t worry, I’d sooner live in a pigsty than one of your Happy Homes. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Dad.” I whispered.

Dad was still shaking his head, looking utterly baffled, as we walked out of the house.

How would you feel if your parents named you Beauty even though the truth was you were the exact opposite? Instead they should’ve named you, well, Ugly. Or how would you deal with the never-ending taunts by perfectly beautiful girls at school? Worse than all this, is that you have to come home to a far from happy place. Then on the night of your supposed-to-be perfect birthday bash, your dad ends up killing your pet bunny, beating your mom in front of everybody, and telling you he wished that you were like the pretty, popular, outgoing girls that have teased you for so long?

That’s the kind of harsh truth that Beauty Cookson faces in everyday life. Can they escape this miserable life? Or are they destined to live with hatred and fear forever?

Cookie is a page-turning read. I was absolutely horrified by how harsh Beauty’s life was. It just really makes you realize how lucky you are. I enjoyed this story; Beauty seemed like the typical Plain-Jane, but turned out to be not plain at all. I recommend this book for ages ten and up.

I give Cookie four stars!


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