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Hugh Brewster. Dieppe: Canada’s Darkest Day of World War II
Scholastic  $19.99  ISBN 978-0-545-99420-0  48 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

“I have [recently] had for the first time since the war started a growing conviction that we are going to lose. … It is all desperately depressing.”

-Chief British Commander Sir Alan Brooke, in his diary, March 31, 1942

It is the spring of 1942 and Germany, no, Hitler – is winning.  For two years, the Canadians have been training, but never put into battle.  Now that they are losing it’s time for the Canadians to go into action with Operation Jubilee, with an attack on the beaches of Dieppe.  Little did they know how much could go wrong.

Dieppe has lots of good information in it, which is orderly and decorated with detailed maps and interesting pictures.  WWII is not really the kind of story or genre I would pick, but once I started reading it, there was enough interesting info to keep me reading.  I was baffled by the cruel treatment that the Canadians were given by the Nazis in the prison camps, one of the many things I learned through reading this book.  This book is a great resource book for in the classroom or to read on your own.  Dieppe is an intense WWII non-fiction book which does not downplay any of the facts, but does not bore you either.

Hugh Brewster went to Dieppe in 2007 for the 65th anniversary.  He met lots of veterans and learned their stories so he could share them in this book.  This is his third book about war; he has written On Juno Beach, a book about D-day and At Vimy Ridge, a non-fiction read about WWI. Hugh Brewster has also written lots of other books.  Dieppe is appropriate for ages 10 and up.

I give Dieppe: Canada’s Darkest Day of World War II 4 stars.


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