The Lost Dog
Adriana, Age 8, San Angelo, TX

This is a true story.

The day I lost my dog was the saddest day of my life. She ran away and it made me feel sad. That night we looked for her. We were calling her name. A man asked if we were looking for a dog? We said yes!! So we ran over and he said to go inside. So we went inside his house. His house was like a maze. At the end of the maze Fluffy was there! I grabbed her and we took her home.

I hugged her real tight. I spanked her and said ''Don't you ever run away again." Sure enough she ran away again. We looked for her and we couldn't find her. I started to cry. The next day we looked again. That night I said ''Are we going to ever find her, daddy?" My dad said ''As long as you pray for her and ask God to help us find her". I said ''I hope she is OK." My dad said ''She is OK no matter what."

Guess what? My cousin called and said she found her! She was wandering at night and they found her. My cousin said she would curl up with her. I told her THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

September 23 was my dog's birthday and she turned 14. Her name is Fluffy. I am so happy that my dog is growing up. For her birthday I got her balls, a pillow, and pads. She is my first and my only dog. I got her for Christmas two years ago.

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