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Michelle Knudsen. The Dragon of Trelian
Candlewick $18.50  ISBN 978-0-7636-3455-1  416 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

Calen is a lonely mage apprentice who never has really had any friends or family. Not even mage Serek, his grumpy master. When Calen meets Princess Meglynne, he is thrown into the strange world of friendship, headfirst. When Meg reveals a startling secret about a dragon, and a plot to murder Megís sister is unearthed, can an unlikely trio save Trelian and the surrounding kingdoms from certain doom? I think Iíll stop there so I donít ruin the book!

The Dragon of Trelian is one of my favourite books. It was so awesome! I liked it so much, because of the great humour, magic, adventure, and mystery that was all twisted together in a yummy book smoothie with romance drizzled on top. It kept me reading from the very beginning, and I couldnít stop until I finished. The characters were mischievous and fun, with cool personalities. I cannot wait to see what other great books Michelle Knudsen will create! Knudsen has made an amazing magical world, that was stunning and original, an Eragon for younger readers. Wow!!!! I can go on and on about how amazing this book is, but I donít want to bore you, so instead I suggest that you go read it yourself!

The Dragon of Trelian is Michelle Knudsenís first fiction novel. She has written many books for children including New York Time best-selling picture book, Library Lion. Michelle lives in Brooklyn, New York. The Dragon of Trelian is great for ages 9-12.

I give The Dragon of Trelian 5 big shining stars! 


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