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Gitty Daneshvari. School of Fear
Little, Brown $17.99  ISBN 978-0-316-03326-8  333 pg.
Reviewed by Esme, Age 10

Madeleine Masterson, Theodore (or Theo, for short) Bartholomew, Lulu Punchalower and Garrison Feldman are four kids with extreme phobias. Their parents have no choice but to send them to the prestigious and extremely secret School of Fear. Here they face Mrs. Wellington and her less-than-normal behaviour. But soon, all goes wrong, and things are more serious than just absurd teaching methods.

School of Fear was an AMAZING book! It had lots of suspense and action, but wasn’t as scary as the title suggests. A lot was funny, but some parts made me want to cry. The characters all have very unique personalities, and I never found myself forgetting who’s who. It was cool imagining all the scenery, the rugged mountain, the thick forest, and the interior of the school itself. Another thing I found interesting was at the start of each chapter, it told you about a different phobia; like that Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables. Anyways, I REALLY liked this book!

Daneshvari’s School of Fear was a great book! I give it five stars and recommend it for ages 9 and up.


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