Forever Your Teddy Bear
Lindsey, Age 16, Herndon, VA

A worn and ragged teddy bear,
Laying on the bed,
Its chest a welcome haven,
For her oh-so-weary head.

Spindly the girl did seem,
Fragile to the touch,
But comforting and close,
Was her teddy bear to clutch.

Age bit and tore the ears and nose,
Shiny eyes dulled with wear,
But each tear gave promise of
Her unrelenting care.

She grew longer, older, wiser,
Her companion thrown aside,
But still he sat and waited,
Ready for her if she cried.

One day it came to moving,
As college called and drew her close,
The universities accepted her;
Her essay was, it seemed, verbose.

Hurried hands and fumbling fingers,
Threw her things aside,
The most important to her,
Set in boxes where they'd hide.

Scared and beaming, hesitation,
She drew his body from the floor,
Eyeing all the dust and wear,
She'd done her best to ignore.

She wrapped him up tightly,
Apologized for the years before,
He heard her heartbeat, and smiled;
He was her bear once more.

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