To Forget
Sofia, Age 14, Basque Country, Spain

I listen to a stranger playing the violin,
Frozen notes scratching the air, reminding me of every sin
We've committed in our lives,
Our shallow words cutting like knives.

I apologize.

I still remember the feel of your lips, your smell,
The touch of your skin, the arms that I knew so well.
Your smile hurts me now, when I see you standing here,
Why are you so far away and yet so near?

I apologize.

We speak now, of battles and dragons and elves,
Of friendship and music, forgetting ourselves
But the ghost is always there in the form of haunting memories:
Every look, every smile, every word, brings me down to my knees.

I apologize.

You told me once that it is good to forgive, but never forget.
Even so, here I cry, full of bitter regret.
But we have to be cold, it was neither your fault or mine
Shadows and towers, kisses and time.

I apologize...
For I never learned to forget you.

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