The Knights of Earth
Sean, Age 11, Vancouver, BC

He was running, faster and faster. He turned around the corner and into the alley. He climbed up the rusty ladder and into an apartment. This part of town was full of twists and turns, shortcuts and long-way-outs. It was easy to get lost if you were new. The man was now ahead of them. Suddenly, a monster appeared in front of him, causing him to stop, and immediately be surrounded.

It is the year 3009; 9 years after the monsters appeared mysteriously. From then, the people of Earth started disappearing and being killed. Luckily, they had enough technology to evacuate to other planets, and live there. Space travel technology has also increased, so they could go to Mars in about an hour. Also, the people work altogether to fend the monsters off in there planets, and there are special knights who control them. Knights used swords, spears, bows or daggers, like all knights did in the medieval ages. The knights of present earth have mastered the skill, and used them. The story begins in a house in evacuation planet #24…

“Wake up!” the soldiers yelled. “We are under attack!”

Troy awoke in terror. His mom and dad were special knights, and his sister was a novice knight. As for him, he was well experienced and was 12 years old. He was going to survive it.

“Run!” his dad commanded.

“Okay, dad!” his sister, Pray, replied.

“Pray, Pray!” Troy yelled. It was a family joke. He thought it was funny, and so did his family. But this was not the right time to say it.

They were being chased by lower ranked monsters. They weren’t actually ranked by their own kind, but the humans ranked them. Lower ranks were cake. Pray could easily take on 3 at the same time. Troy, Pray and Troy’s mom kicked one lower rank monster in the face each, and ran towards the evacuation ship.

“Quick!” his dad yelled. Suddenly, an S-rank monster dropped out of the air. They were one of the strongest monsters. It caught Troy’s parents and flew away.

“MOM!” Troy yelled.

“DADDY!” Pray screamed.

They saw a couple of a-rank monsters coming. They ran into the ship, crying. The ship powered up. The monsters stopped in surprise. The ship was shooting at them. They ran away in fear.

Even after the ship arrived at a safe planet, Pray and Troy were still crying. The next day, they were just staying in their house. But they couldn’t just stay there, so they decided to rescue them.

“Rescue them?!” Pray yelled and asked.

“No, rescue them.” Troy replied.

“Ohh; Rescue them.” She said back.

“So first, we gather up a rescue team, go into the monster’s base, get our parents and vamoose!” Troy answered matter-of-factly.

“Well, that sounds easy…” Pray wondered.

“It’s okay, Pray. The monsters that are guarding the slavery chamber with our parents in it are lower-ranked ones!” Troy said, encouragingly. It made Pray feel much better.

“Hmm…” Pray wondered once again. “Ok!”

“Great! Let’s go.” Troy said. They went up to the military and asked for a rescue team. The military felt bad for them, and recruited many people including some knights.

“Thank you everyone…” Pray said, crying a bit as she talked. Troy and Pray packed up their things and got ready because they were leaving first thing tomorrow.

The next day, they were already in a ship because they woke up at 5:00am and they were now flying at day. They were both nervous, because many people could die soon. But they cheered up because they were determined to get their mom back and they believed that they could do it.

Ding! The P.A system rang.

“The ship will be landing in evacuation planet # 24.” The P.A system said. Troy and Pray were nervous, but when they got off, they couldn’t exactly say what their feelings were. It was a mixture of excited, thankful and sad, excited because they will get their parents back, thankful because other people are risking their lives for them, and sad because most of them will die.

“Let’s go!” the knight yelled. Everyone yelled and flooded the slavery chamber. The guards were taken care of easily, but the monster army inside were much tougher. Soon, Pray, advantaged because of her agility, sneaked into the chamber.

“Pray! NO!” Troy yelled. Then Pray grabbed the key and freed all the slaves. She found her mom and dad and evacuated safely.

“…Or you could just do that.” Troy said.

Soon, the battle was over, no lives were lost because all the higher-ranked monsters were not in the planet. But after all that, Pray and Troy were just glad they got their parents back.

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