The Needle
Alyssa, Age 11, Pangburn, AR

Bring, Bring! “Stupid Alarm,” I thought to myself still half asleep!

“Honey, get up it’s time for breakfast. I made your favorite!” mom called from downstairs. I got up, walked downstairs, and something smelled delicious. Uh, Oh! This could only mean one thing. It was time for my doctor’s appointment. I sat down at the kitchen table and mom sat a big plate of pancakes down in front of me. I looked at mom and she didn’t dare to even look my way. All through breakfast neither one of us talked.” You know what today is, don’t you?” mom said softly.

"Yes, I know,” I murmured.

“Well you run upstairs and get ready, I’ll stay down here and do the dishes,” mom said. I ran upstairs and into my room. I grabbed my clothes and into the shower I went. The warm water felt soothing on my cold skin. The Goosebumps slowly went away. When I got out of the shower, I dried off, got dressed, and took my sweet time. I didn’t want to go to the doctor’s office and I haven’t ever wanted to go.  I’m pretty brave, but my greatest fear is needles. When I got downstairs my mom was dressed and sitting there drinking her coffee like she did every morning. I felt the Goosebumps come back.

“Are you ready?” Mom asked.

“Yes,” I said softly. Mom grabbed her purse, her coffee and we walked outside and got in the car. All the way there I was so nervous. When we pulled in the parking lot, mom turned the car off and we walked into the doctor’s office. It was like walking into a cave with a sleeping bear on the other end.

I sat in a blue chair and picked up a magazine and mom signed my name in at the front desk. What felted like forever were only a couple of minutes and a nurse walked out a door, holding a clipboard and said, “Rene!”

Mom and I walked into the room and the nurse told me to stand on a scale. I did and it felt like I was walking on a plank of a pirate ship about to be pushed off the edge. She weighted me, took my temperature, and checked my mouth and ears. I sat down on a bed and the door opened and in stepped the doctor.

“And how are we today? I’m Dr. James,” He said.

“Are you ready for your shot? “ He pulled out a needle and started moving his hand toward me. Mom started a conversation with me and I said, “Are you going to give me a shot are not?”

“I already did, “the doctor said proudly.

“Wow that didn’t even hurt! I overcame my fear of needles!"

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