Sarah's Stars

Susin Nielsen. Word Nerd 
Tundra  $20.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-875-0  248 pg.
Reviewed by Taya, Age 11

After that she bought me one of those kid-harnesses, which I had to wear wherever we went.  I still remember running down the street, or through a mall, and being yanked gently back when I ran out of leash.  I also remember Mom getting into arguments with strangers who thought putting a kid on a leash was cruel. When that happened, I'd pretend I was a dog and bark, and that usually made them go away.  Once I even licked my mom's hand, but she didn't like that very much.

Word Nerd is about a 12-year-old kid named Ambrose who loves to play scrabble.  When he gets bullied at school his mom decides to home school him.  As a result she has to work at night, leaving Ambrose alone for hours. Then Cosmo, an ex-convict moves in upstairs. Ambrose befriends him, against his motherís wishes.  Ambrose convinces Cosmo to come to a Scrabble club with him.  Cosmo begins to date the Scrabble instructor telling her that he is Ambrose's Big Brother.  They take Ambrose to lots of amusement parks and stuff.  It works fine until Ambrose's Mom comes home early one night...
Word Nerd has a good story line and seems very realistic. The characters have funny and realistic personalities. Many people would be able to relate to this story in someway. This book has many funny parts. It was easy to read, although I would recommend it for grades six and up because there is some swearing. I really liked this book because it goes fast enough to not be boring, but not too fast.

I give Nielsenís humorous novel, Word Nerd, four and one-half GOLD STARS!!


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