A New Day Is Born
Keval, Age 13, North Andover, MA

In the tranquility of early morning,
Everything, from earth to sky,
Is still, as if they are waiting…

Then it happens -
The first rays of light
Refract themselves over the horizon,
Illuminating night sky like lasers.

It is dawn
and as if by magic

birds begin to sing, sweet music to our ears.
winds begin to blow, softly at first.
trees begin to stir, ancient ones awakene from their slumber.
leaves begin their dances, each one unique.

As some eyes open, other eyes close,
There is yawning and yoga,
Coffee and tea.

Sunlight is still scarce yet perfect,
And solitude is bountiful.

Not even a quarter of an hour has passed,
And already
the immortal eyes of heavens above watch
As the edge of sun appears over the horizon.

It is sunrise,
a new day is born
and a small child sleeps happily through it all.

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