The Nightmare on Kingston Street
Brian, Age 13, Coquitlam, BC

Nightmares. Everyone hates nightmares. Except John. John grew up and his dream was to become one of people’s nightmares.

In 1999, when he was a kid in school, he always threatened people and scared people that the nightmare is going to come soon and will haunt them forever. He even threatened teachers.

Leaving no chance, teachers had only one way. Expelling John. John had been expelled a couple of times and their guardian was not happy about it. Guardians. Not parents.
John was also an orphan. He was born near Liverpool, England, a little town called Macheda. Their parents died when there was a fire in their house, and his dad sacrificed John, threw him outside the window and young John was left with pain and loneliness. John was outrageous. He was furious. He wished he could see their parents again. But he can’t.

So one day, on midnight, he while his guardians were sleeping, John quietly went out of his room, went downstairs, put on his shoes, and quickly sprinted outside. He kept running until he saw a huge church filled with glory inside. John slowly stepped in. He took a seat, and prayed. A priest came and watched John pray. The Priest sensed something dangerous and unexpected about John praying. John finished his praying. The priest slowly came to him and said “What did you pray about?” John looked at him curiously. And finally, he said, “I prayed for my parents. I wish I could meet them again. My mom and dad died when there was a burst of fire in our house. My dad sacrificed himself and threw me outside the window. I was a baby with a huge scar on my cheek". He showed the scar on his cheek. Then he turned away. The priest could sense danger, and rage inside Jonathan. “I want to become a nightmare.” John said calmly. The priest muttered. “Well… people can’t be nightmares can they?”

“Yes they can. I’ve been reading these books, see.” John showed him a book he was reading. The priest was shocked. Leaving a terrifying glance at him. “Boy, you are not going to do this.” The priest shocked.

“I want to sell my parents and my soul to them. I want to become a nightmare.” John chuckled.

“You crazy boy… Giving out people with nightmares….” The priest said with anger.

“Oh don’t worry. I will give people nightmares…. from now on.” John shot an evil look at the priest.

Eight years later
There was an unexpected siren coming out from the little town called Macheda.
A man was running away from seven police cars.

“I’ve done enough with you, John!" An officer was shouting from one of the police car. But the man kept running. Finally, the man saw this old ghostly looking building. He went inside and locked the door. The officer quickly grabbed the handle of the old ghostly looking door. “If you don’t come out right this instant I will burn this darn thing right now!” the officer shouted.

“Go ahead! I don’t care! I’m gonna give you guys a nightmare! Everyone of you!” The man shouted.

“Burn this place,” the officer said with anger. Other men were spreading gasoline around the house.

“We did it, boss,” one of the men said.

“Burn it!” the officer said.

Other men were putting the house on fire. Finally, flames around the house were burning with rage.

The man inside the house was terrified. He quickly got a piece of contract sheet from his jacket, and cut himself. His blood landed on the contract. Then he yelled loudly. “I, John Kingston, will sell this soul to the devil, and become a nightmare!” After that, all of sudden, he was gone.

Two years later
“Come on, guys! We got things to do!” James Harold, was an unique police officer who killed a psycho called John two years ago. He burnt the house while John was in the house. He had a son and a daughter. He had lost his wife when she had a car crash. And right now, he was urging his children to move the things inside the house. He was moving. He was moving to Kingston Street. Where people says that nightmare comes true when you live in Kingston Street. There will be only two families living in Kingston Street.

When it was dinner time for the Harold’s. James cooked a nice big turkey and some side dishes. The main food was turkey. Everyone was concentrating on the turkey. But then something weird happened. James saw a reflection of John whom he killed two years ago. So did the children.

“Who is that guy?” Fred said.

”What? What d’ya mean? C’mon , let’s eat some turkey.” When Harold was about to stab a knife at a turkey, John’s reflection came again.

“You idiot” Then John burst out, and cut James nose. James shrieked. He closed his eyes and opened it again. The children were staring at him. Suzanne finally spoke.

“Dad? Are you alright? Or are you just tired.”

“Both. I’m alright and I’m also tired. Now Fred, could you please….” James stopped. Fred turned into John.

“Fred? I’m no Fred. If you wanna see Fred, he’s right here". The man showly lifted his left hand and put it on the table. It was Fred’s face. “You wanna see Suzanne’s face too? Come and ask me anytime!” And that’s when an another nightmare began.

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