Well of Power
Spencer, Age 11, Calgary, AB

Part 1, Light or Dark
I am Ellandori, a holy Paladin of the Blood Knights. I am a blood elf, or as some call us high elves. We have feasted off arcane magic for centuries.

“It’s time, Knights, ok, let’s do this. We have to capture the Well of Arcane Magic that the Scourge has taken. Now, we all know that some of us will die.”

“Yes sir!!”

“So, let's try and keep the casualties low, ok?”

“We will try, sir!”

“Ok, the Rogues will come in after we attack. The Priests will try to keep us alive; let's make the Scourge cry for their mommies. Oh and watch out for the Dwarfs, we are awfully close to the snowy mountains. Ok, chargggggge!!!!”

As I charged, I knew that this was a failed attempt. As we fought I was injured, a gash across my ribs, I knew not where I was going the pain was too intense. Suddenly, it got cold and then black…. I awoke, to find I was in a dwarf camp. I saw a Dwarf Warrior and Night Elf Druid, this is the end, and then everything went black.

Part 2 The Master’s Will
I was once a mighty Paladin of the Argent Dawn, but now I serve the Lichking. “Ok, I can sense the Paladin’s aura, they’re here and they’re coming. Hold your ground and kill…the Lichking wants this Well of Power. Attack!!!!!”

Clinks and screams were all I could hear, but I had gotten used to it. I had killed more then my fair share guarding this well. There he is, the one that my master had told me to be careful of, Ellandori “ahhh!!!!” As I charged at him we were demolishing the last of their troops, so I slashed, and I got him across the ribs.

Then the Rogues were upon us and we had no chance of losing, but we would have some casualties. Hmm...where had that Ellandori gone, I thought I had killed him, oh well, let's get rid of the Priests.

Part 3 The Rude Awakening
Everything is coming back into focus, “there is no one around, and they must want to integrate me, got to make it out of here. Darn!” If only I had gone to the rogue trainer after Paladin training…I think I hear something. It’s the guards!

“Did you hear the Blood Elf Paladin is still alive?”

“I don’t know, he’s…did you hear some thing?


“ok, must have been…”

Ok, they’re gone. “Let's see if anyone else is here…” I think I heard some whispering by the door, hmm….

“I think I hear someone”


“I think Ellandori. It is you!”

Part 4 Nowhere to Run
I couldn’t believe it; I had lost most of the scourge I was put in charge of. Went worse then we though it would. 165 men out of 365 were left, but I had any idea…it would cost some blood, but it would get us many, many, men. We had five necromancers, all working on the dead Paladins and Rogues. We knew that if we could resurrect them, then they could sneak in to the dwarf army that we had been warned of.

“Sir! We have everyone that we could get and we see the dwarf army. We have sent the Rogues.”

“We shall set up an ambush for them, make it look like we made a run for it.”

I hear them, yes. “There they are, on the count of three…we fire the guns, one, two, three!!!!!!! Fire!!!” As I yelled, I heard the guns and the screams, the dwarf’s shots were heard but our Rogues had taken care of most of them. As my forces charged, we killed any in our path; by the end of the battle we had 67 dead and 468 undead, it was a good day's work.

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