The Car Race
Justin, Age 11, Surrey, BC

I was getting ready for the race. Well, this is not really racing. This is a race using controllers to control your car on a race track. I practiced for a month. This competition is a bit like video game only it is for real. Now I am pretty good and this is my very first competition. All of them are people I do not know. There were thirteen players. The rules are pretty basic: you do three laps. The first person’s car to finish three laps is the winner. You get a ribbon in third place. There is a small trophy for second place. There is also a middle size trophy for first place. I am pretty excited there is this big track outside. There is where I will race.

The other players make a row. I join them. There is a bit of people watching us. They are mostly relatives. My mom is in the crowd. Then the person who starts the game says “on your mark, get set and go!” there we go. I am sixth right now. Then I went in and went in front of another car. Then I finished the first lap. Then came the big ramp. I made it but just barely. Two other cars did not make it. Now there are eleven cars left. Four cars are in the front and six cars are behind me. I kept going.

Then the incident happened. The car behind me crashed with another then the car behind it crashed soon four cars were out of the game. Then there are only seven cars left. We already finished the second lap and I just my third lap, now this was the last lap! I went full speed ahead I passed two cars ahead.

Now I am in third place. We were almost to the finish line. I then did something I never did before. I bumped the car in front of me. Then it lost control. I made my car go in front just as I went through the finish line. I laughed until my sides hurt I was so happy! I just went in second place and this was my first race! I ran to mom, we smiled with joy. After I got the trophy I put it on the shelf. I knew that it would cheer me up whenever I am sad.

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