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Margaret Peterson Haddix. Sent (The Missing: Book 2)
Simon & Schuster  $19.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-5422-4  313 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

Seconds later, she resurfaced at the far side of the boat, climbed up, and clutched the pole on the opposite side from Chip.

Instantly the boat righted itself.

The man with the oar shrugged and went back to his position, rejoining his tracer.

“Oh” Jonah whispered. “I would have figured that out. Eventually,” he told Alex.

Alex grinned.

“When do we tell her that people dump their sewage in the Thames?” he whispered.

“Never” Jonah whispered back.

Chip and Jonah don’t belong in the 21st century. They are actually important people from the past, stolen by time-travelling villains from the distant future, who were forced to land their time ship in the 21st century. When they find out Chip is, in real life, the king of England, doomed to die by the hands of his scheming uncle, Jonah must find a way to save him. But can he do it in time?

Sent is a fascinating and complex tale that you cannot put down. Haddix has once again managed to amaze me with her fast-paced story and cliffhanger ending. Author of the Shadow Children series, her characters are deep and real; their personalities grabbed me and pulled me deeper into the story.  The characters take form in your head, enhancing the story in a whole other dimension. It only got better as I read further and further. Wow! Another amazing read by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

I give Sent 5 suspense-filled stars and recommend it for ages 11+. Sent is the 2nd book in The Missing series.


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