The Adventures of the Horse and the Dog
Keladry, Age 7, Delta, BC

Once upon a time, there were a horse and a dog, and they were the best of friends. They always kept in touch. They were never far away. They met up in the horse's stall, or in the paddock.

The horse was a bay with light hooves and white stockings on the front legs. She had beautiful big brown eyes. Now, the dog was beige and white, with a red collar, and big, beautiful brown eyes, just like the horse.

That day there was a show day in Hawaii. The owner of the horse decided to go. So, the dog, and the horse had no choice. They hopped onto the plane and they were off. An hour later, they were in Hawaii. They went to the horse show for 5 hours. The dog cheered on the horse and the horse came in first place. They went home exhausted.

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