Ayanna, Age 15, Amery, WI

Why canít you see
how much you mean to me?

In that time of hurt,
all you could do was smirk.
I gave you what I could,
but you only used it for your own good.

You took advantage,
and left me to manage.
Through the dark times,
you had me crying sometimes.

Apparently, I meant nothing to you,
and now Iím not quite sure what to do.
Itís hard for me to give up and move on,
because I know youíll be gone.

You could have left me with a reason,
but you didnít, it was baseball season.
I tried to talk to you,
but you basically said, ďScrew you.Ē

You hurt me from the inside Ė out,
and now Iím full of doubt.
You played with my heart,
and now I want to tear yours apart.

You stabbed me with a knife,
now Iím glad to be out of your life.
Farewell to you,
I hope you got the clue.

Why couldnít you see,
how much you meant to me?

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