The Castle of Estruate
Prarthana, Age 10, Mysore, India

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away,
There once stood a castle, its glow astray.
Its magnificent walls embedded with gems,
And chattering maids taking flowers off their stems.
King Arthur sat beaming upon his golden throne,
Queen Andria sat amidst the noise, lost and forlorn
Princess Marigold Eve sat with a look of excitement
While a brave man kneeled, ready to be knighted.

The castle which had once stood so gracefully tall
Now was run down and looked exceedingly small.
The kingdom was empty and almost deserted
As were the houses which looked nicely asserted.
The royal family in fear had fled,
From the past that had treated them so badly said.
All of their stories are still to be,
But please, my friend, try to keep your curiosity!

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