Sarah's Stars

Andrew Clements. Extra Credit 
Atheneum   $19.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-4929-9  183 pg.
Reviewed by Esme, Age 10

And Sadeed also thought about tomorrow, about how he would have to pretend to be surprised when his teacher told him he must help Amira –just like he had pretended to be puzzled a few moments ago.

But the only thing that actually puzzled Sadeed was how his teacher could call writing a letter to a girl in America an “important job.”

Because that made no sense at all.

To say Abby was doing excellent in school would be a lie. Actually, to say Abby was doing well in school would be a lie. In fact, if her grades don’t improve soon, Abby will be held back, while all her friends look back at her from middle school. Only if she does all her homework and gets at least a B on every test will she pass. In Math. But, for Language Arts, she’ll need an extra credit project. A pen pal. She gets Amira, a girl in Afghanistan, but her brother needs to help her with her English. He doesn’t think what Amira is writing is good enough. But how will he express this to Abby?

This was a great book! It was amazing how the flat fields of Illinois and the tall mountains of Kabul were popping out of the pages! The characters gave a lot of description about their homes. The characters really spoke to me, like when Amira was telling Abby about the war. The plot was clever, and I thought it wouldn’t have been good if Abby hadn’t been failing, and she just did the project for fun. Over all, this book was excellent!

I give Extra Credit 5 stars and recommend it for ages 9 and up. Andrew Clements is the author of over sixty books for children, including the extremely popular Frindle.


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