The Ghost of the Eiffel Tower
Chris, Age 14, Higginsville, MO

It was a dark and creepy night in Paris, France on October 13, 1943. There were two boys named Tim and Charles moving to Paris, France with their parents. After they lived there for a week, they wanted to look around the city and see what they could find. They found many stores like a book store, shoe store, and a hat store. That night, they wanted to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but there was a sign that prohibited anyone from going up because of a ghost sighting. The boys, of course, ignored the sign like they usually did with off limit places and went up.

While they were going up the second flight of stairs, they heard a strange noise.


“What was that?” asked Tim.

“Was that your stomach again, Tim?” asked Charles.

“Dude, why would I be hungry at a time like this?” said Tim.

“I don’t know maybe you just forgot.”

This time the noise was closer. “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhooooooohhhhhhh,”

“Who’s there!” yelled Tim.

“Iiiiiiii aaaaaammm the ghooost of the Eiffel Tower,” yelled the ghost.

“W-why are y-you here,” stammered Charles.

“Iiii waas killed”, hollered the ghost, “by two masked murderers.”

“Maybe we can help you,” said Tim

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo,” yelled the ghost, “leave at once.”

“M-maybe w-we should l-leave Tim,” said Charles in a weary voice.

“No,” said Tim, “we need to help the ghost.

“B-but the g-ghost said th-that we should leave.”

“We’ve got to find a way to help him.”

“C-can w-we do it tomorrow?” Charles asked pleasingly

“Fine,” said Tim.

The next night, Tim and Charles went back to the Eiffel Tower to look for the ghost but they couldn’t find him. They decided to go farther up and see if they could find any clues about the strange ghost. They almost got to the top when they saw something glittering on the floor. They realized that it was a name tag. The name tag said the name James on it.

“Where did this come from Charles?” asked Tim.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s the ghost's and it fell through the ceiling,” said Charles.

“Wow, you said something that actually sounded smart, Charles.”

“Well, I am smart.”

“Charles, you got C’s on your report card and I got all A’s."

“I never said that I was smart all the time.”

“Then why do you get low grades?”
“Because I don’t-“

“We don’t have time for this;” said Tim, “let’s look for more clues.”


So they went up until they saw something that looked like a Halloween decoration--a skeleton. Tim asked Charles what it was doing here and Charles said that it might have been the skeleton from the ghost named James.

“You might be on to something Charles,” said Tim.

“I might,” said Charles hopefully.

“Yeah, but for now let's look for more clues.”

So they kept going up until they reached the top and they saw something that surprised both of them. They saw James the ghost crying at a picture of a lovely woman.

The ghost sobbed, “I wish that I could pass from this world and finally see you, my love, but I know that my wish will never come true.”

Then the ghost thought out loud.

“I know, maybe I can get those two boys to help me in passing from this world of the living to the dead. All I have to do is to convince them to get a book for me called Magical Boundaries from the book store in Paris and I’ll be able to leave this world and return to my beloved.”

Tim and Charles over heard what he was saying and they felt sorry for him.

“Now we’ve got to help out the ghost,” said Tim.

“We’ve got to get that book to him,” said Charles, “but for now, how about we get to bed, it’s already midnight.”

“Yeah it’s getting late, let’s turn in.”

The next day, the boys went to the book store and asked the clerk if she had a book called Magical Boundaries. The clerk said that it was in the back corner of the store on the top shelf. Tim and Charles said thank you and the clerk asked why they wanted the book because it hasn’t been looked at in years. The boys, quick thinking that they are, said that they wanted to find out if any of the spells in the book would work. The clerk said that was reasonable and that they could go and get the book.

After they paid for the book, they went to the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and looked up the spell. They found out that the spell could only work if they performed it at midnight on the 23 of October. Luckily, that was tonight. They looked at their watches, which said that it was 7:00 PM. They waited until it was 11:00 PM and started to go up. When they reached the top, it was 11:20 PM and the ghost was nowhere to be seen. Also, the wind was picking up and it was hard for them to hear each other unless they yelled. They kept calling out to him but he wouldn’t come out.

The ghost finally came out when it was somewhere around 11:55 PM.

“We’ve got the book!” yelled Tim, “Hurry, we’ve only got 5 minutes left or it will be too late.”

“How did you know that I needed that book,” James asked.

“We sort of overheard you talking last night,” said Charles, “but that’s not important right now, Tim read the spell quick, 1 minute left.”

Tim read the spell and to his astonishment, it worked. James thanked the boys and he left for the after life. Shortly after this event, the Eiffel Tower was reopened and no one knew why except for Tim and Charles.

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