The Happening
John, Age 12, Higginsville, MO

Zeus, the Greek god of mythology, was coming home from a long vacation. As he got to the top of Mt. Olympus, Hades and all the Greek gods, evil and good, rushed to him.

“Zeus, Zeus!” Hades shouted. “Your lightning bolts are gone!”

“What!?” Zeus bellowed. “I don’t believe you! How can I trust you, Hades, after all the trouble you’ve caused?”

“Because I saw the guy who ran off with them,” Hades replied.

“Fine, you have my trust just this once.”

“I won’t let you down, Zeus,” Hades replied quickly.

Later that day Zeus was contemplating how he was going to solve this “happening.” All of the other gods and goddesses were gone, so there was no one to help him. Only Hades was left.

Zeus was searching persistently when he finally found Hades walking along enigmatically.

“Hades, I need your help.”

“What do you need, Zeus?”

“I need your help to find out who stole my lightning bolts.”

“Of course, Zeus. I would be glad to help. Why don’t you go back and relax while I try to get us a step ahead of the burglar?”

While Zeus was on his way back to his throne he noticed some scorch marks right where his bolts used to sit, and as he sat down he noticed streaks of light coming from cracks in the ground.

Only one name came to mind.


“Yes, my lord?” Hades answered.

“You filthy, little, grimy, lying, untrustworthy, brother of mine.”

“What did I do?” Hades asked.

“You have my lightning bolts down in your underworld!” Zeus thundered. “Why?”

“I took them so that I could take over Mt. Olympus,” Hades said greedily.

“You will never come to my throne, even with your horrible plot to steal my lightning bolts. I now sentence you to a year of community service! And you can start by bringing the bolts back to me!”

“Then what?” Hades asked.

“Then you can get the broom and start cleaning the streets while I lock up those bolts where you will never be able to reach them again!” Zeus smiled, knowing that he would never be able to stop his little brother from bugging him forever.

“One of the problems with being immortal….” Zeus sighed.

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