Getting My Job
Dang, Age 15, Appleton, WI

The significant choice that I made was getting my job. Getting a job, so I can help myself with my needs, and so I can stop bothering other people such as my family, cousins, and friends. Getting a job so then I can get to understand how most of the world works.

Before I had my job now, I was pretty desperate. I needed to get things that I coulnít get, like the guitar I saw. The guitar was five-hundred bucks. My brother worked at a pizza place, and so, if I got a part time job with him, I could get what I need. My brother told me that if I wanted to work, my starting wage was only five dollars and ninety cents, but what was going through my mind was money, so it didnít matter.

I picked up an application and turned it in the next day, and four months later, they interviewed me and said that I needed to get a permit. I was scared, and didnít know where to get a permit. I asked my family, and they all said West high school had some permits, maybe I can go check. But they also said that it would take three days or even a week. Then until my sister said that there was a place at downtown that I could get it in ten minutes or less. So my sister took me there and we got it!

After turning in my permit, I worked the very next day and on Friday, my first check came out. It was only eighty bucks, but when itís your first one, youíre happy. I went along not having to ask any of my family, friends, and cousins for help with items I need. I was so happy for helping myself and my family.

In conclusion, making my choice for getting a job helped me by getting things that I want. I now have the guitar, and I love it so much. Iím going to continue my working process at the pizza place and see if I can get anything else that I very much want.

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