Family Trip to Mexico
Maria, Age 17, Appleton, WI

My family and I went to travel to Mexico for three months. We all went in our van. It was not cool to travel for three days because it was boring and I was only listening to music.

When I arrived to Mexico, I was very happy, because I finally got to get out of the van and have some fun. I decided to see my friends, so we could go to a party. I went with them and had a good time. The next day my mom asked if I wanted to go see my aunts, uncles and cousins, and I responded, “I can’t.” My mom exclaimed, “Why? If you have enough time to do everything you want, why can’t you go?” Then I responded, “Well, my friend wants me to go with her to eat and then go to the dance.” Then my mom responded, “Ok, then I’ll let you go, but tomorrow you are going with me to visit our aunts, uncles and your cousins.” I exclaimed, “All right, I will”.

The next day I went and visited my aunts, uncles and cousins, they were very happy to see me. They had not seen me since the last time I was there, like two years ago. I spend the whole day with them. At first it was boring, but later on, it was getting fun because they were telling stories about me when I was little and then some jokes; so, I did have a good time with them. Three months passed, and then I had to leave. I was very sad; I did not want to leave my new friends and my family.

All the way back to Appleton I was sad and mad, I did not want to go back and live in Appleton. When I arrived to Appleton, I saw my friends in my house waiting for me. When I saw them, I was not sad any more because I had my other friends.
The choice I made was to go out with my friends and family. When I went to and visit may friends and family in Mexico, I was very happy and excited at the same time. Because really wanted to see both my family and friends. I did had a good time in Mexico. I realized how important my family and friends are for me.

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