The Quinciañera Party
Maria, Age 14, Appleton, WI

We were going down to Kenosha to my cousin’s Quinciañera, it was the best party ever.  Ester’s family and friends wanted to be there for her special day. At first, my family and I weren’t planning on going, but a week before we decided to go. We were in a hurry buying dresses, shoes, and many other things. It was not fun going last minute shopping for dresses.

The day of the party arrived. I had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning. I only had one and a half hour to get ready. That is not enough time for me to get ready. At 6:30am we had to start driving down to Kenosha. We drove for about two hours. We stopped at Ihop to get breakfast. We didn’t have much time to eat, so we eat quickly because we had to be there before 1:30 in the afternoon.  When we reached Kenosha we were having some car problems. Really don’t know what exactly happen with the car.  One of my older cousins had to come and pick us up.  Then, we finally reached my cousin Ester’s House, she was the one that had her Quinciañera party.

At 12:30 in the afternoon I was fixing my hair because I had to get ready to go to church. At 2 pm we were in the church for the ceremony. After it was over, we were taking pictures. She was not expecting a limo. The Quinciañeras maids and chamberlains and other people were the only ones that got to go on it. The limo took us over by Lake Michigan were we had to take more pictures. Over by a garden that was next to the Lake Michigan. It was time for us to go to the ballroom. The ballroom was really nice. When we were eating one of the maids it bumped into me and we both got our dresses dirty. We both spilled soda on each other, but it was really funny because we started laughing. I had to go change really quickly  into another dress. Right after I got soda spilled on my dress, we were going to dance a waltz.

After we did all the dancing, Ester got a surprise birthday gift from her parents. My cousin got so lucky! Her parents gave her a trip to California for two months. The fun part came after. We were all dancing and having fun.  The funny part was that she almost forgot about her cake. We were eating cake around 9:45 pm or so. It was so good. We could not stop dancing. At 12 am the party was almost over.  I was so tired. 12:30am they started to clean up and, I helped them too. It was almost 3:00 when we were done cleaning. Right when we got to my cousin’s, I fell asleep. I was still in my dress, and so was my cousin’s  she was in her big puffy dress.

I had so much fun at my cousin Ester’s quinciañera. My family at I love going down to Kenosha. That was the best party ever.

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