Learning to Ride
Adriana, Age 14, Appleton, WI

For most kids learning how to ride a bike is an exciting, but then scary experience. Over all most them end up learning by trying and trying until they get it right. Kids usually have scars to prove it, but at the end it was all worth it.

It was a hot sunny morning. I had nothing to do, so I went outside and rode on my bicycle for a little while. When I was riding my bike I got really annoyed by the noise my training wheels made. I hated that noise. I wanted to ride without my training wheels and just hear the noise my wheels made when I ran over the little rocks. When I got home I saw my dad fixing something under the truck. I got off my bike and crawled quietly over to the truck. When I got close I wondered if he had noticed me. I got closer and tried to scare him, but I bumped into his tool box and some metal tools fell to the floor.

My dad turned around and saw me sitting on the floor “What are you doing?” he asked “Trying to scare you” I said laughing. He smiled. “Daddy can you take the training wheels off my bicycle?” I asked. “What for?” he asked. I told him everything about why I wanted them off. ”So can you?” I asked with a smile on my face. “Sure, bring your bike over here,” he responded. I ran over to my bike and brought it where he was working. He told me that if I wanted the training wheels off I had to learn how to ride without them. I told him that I would learn because I was six years old. It was time for me to learn.

When the wheels were off I got on my bike and got to work. I tried a few times and I failed. I tried one more time but then I fell and scraped my knee. I started crying loudly. Right away my mom came running from the house, saw my knee and carried me inside. When we were inside she wiped the blood off, disinfected my knee, and then put a Band- Aid over it. Once I stopped crying I went back outside and kept trying. I fell a couple more times. I was ready to give up then I decided to try a few more times. I got on my bike and started pedaling, but this time I didn’t fall or crash I kept on going until I stopped it with my feet. I was so exited! I called my parents so they could see that I had done it!

That weekend my dad took me to Toys R Us and bought me a shiny purple bike. I was so exited to get home and ride my new bicycle. Now I know that if you try hard enough at the end you will succeed.

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