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Petr Horacek. Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star 
Candlewick $19.00  ISBN 978-0-7636-4487-1  34 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 11

“It needs a star on top,” honked Suzy. “Just like that bright one in the sky.  I will get it.”

Suzy Goose and her friends are gathered around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The animals all agree that it is missing one thing, a bright and shiny star. Suzy sets off on her journey to retrieve the perfect Christmas star. The one flaw in her plan is that it is in the sky. After several unsuccessful attempts of bringing back the star, a disappointed Suzy returns to a surprise of her own.

This picture book has bright mixed media art done by the author, and is filled with humorous repetition.  I think this is the perfect book to read at Christmas.  It definitely captured my attention in a good way. The author, Petr Horacek has other books with Suzy as the main character and I would be interested to read them as well. Petr Horacek is an award-winning children’s author and you can tell by reading his book that he writes with his two young daughters in mind.

I give Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star 5 bright stars.


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