Sarah's Stars

Colleen Sydor. Timmerman Was Here  
Tundra $21.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-890-3  28 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

In those first few weeks after he moved in, I tried hard to find fault with Timmerman. That wasnít easy.

When Granddad leaves for the seniorís home, Timmerman arrives, needing a place to stay. When Timmerman fills the place granddad used to fill, the little girl is determined to resent Timmerman. But can he change her mind?

I really enjoyed reading Timmerman Was Here; I understood it well, but it might be a bit complex for younger readers. The illustrations were beautiful, and the story was also.  I loved the illustrations so much. The book was a wonderful piece of literature that was creative in the way that the story unfolded and went along.Timmerman Was Here is a great read-to-me book.

Colleen Sydor is the author of picture and chapter books, as well as a floral designer.  Nicolas Debon is the illustrator of this book. He lives and was born in France but lived in Canada for 10 years.Timmerman Was Here is a good book for ages 5-8.

Koryn gives Timmerman Was Here 4 faultless stars.


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