The Missing Squeaky Toy
Dylan, Age 12, Higginsville, MO

Koda the shi-tzu was lying on the living room floor. He rose, stretched and then walked over to his owner Dylan. He wanted to play with Dylan, so he went to find his squeaky toy but he couldn’t locate it.

“I’m sorry Koda,” Dylan said. “I don’t know where your toy went, but do you want a treat?”

Koda barked, “Yes!” After finishing his treat Koda decided to try and find out where his toy went. Koda scratched at the back door. When Dylan took him outside he found some small animal tracks. They looked similar to tracks he had seen before.

“Who could have stolen my toy?” Koda wondered. Koda decided to go inside, and to look around the house a little more. He darted into Dylan’s bedroom. “Let’s see what we can find in here,” Koda said to himself. On the other side of Dylan’s bed he discovered a small pile of orange hair. “I wonder,” Koda thought.

Later when Dylan went into his room he started violently sneezing.

“Why would Dylan be sneezing so much?” Koda thought. He thought over this for a while. “This could only mean one thing.” Koda thought.

Koda scratched at the door to tell Dylan that he wanted to go for a walk. Koda led Dylan to the Cooper’s house and started barking at their cat Tobi, or as Koda called him, Terrible Tobi.

“Stop!” Dylan scolded him, but then he saw what Koda was barking at. Dylan went over to Tobi and grabbed Koda’s toy.

Later, when they got home, Koda lay down to take a nap right next to his toy. “Terrible Tobi will never get away with a crime like theft with me around,” Koda thought as he closed his eyes.

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