Sarah's Stars

Kirsten Bramsen. The Yellow Tutu  
Random House  $19.99  ISBN 978-0-375-85168-1  34 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 11

It was Margo’s birthday and ... her dream came true! It was a yellow tutu! Margo decides that she is going to wear her yellow tutu on her head like the sun. Not everyone at school thinks the yellow tutu is so fantastic. Margo’s feelings get hurt when some of the kids tease her. It takes the courageous actions of Pearl to step in and help her friend.

The Yellow Tutu is a delightful picture book for three to six year olds. There was a fantastic message:  it honestly doesn’t matter what other people think about what you wear or do because you are deciding those things. The Yellow Tutu has a good message about how to handle a bullying situation. This book is filled with a very beautiful and unique style of artwork done by Carin Bramsen. The Yellow Tutu is definitely a book I would like to read if I were younger.  

Emma gives The Yellow Tutu four delightful stars. 


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