Sara, Age 16, Amery, WI

Sitting in a chair that carries her through the day comforts her.  Her hair hasn’t been combed for days, and through the eyes she sees the world with, begin to water once again.  The eye liner and mascara are left untouched as they make their way down the owner’s heart-broken face.  As the tears drip down on the soft cushion of her cheek bones, she moves back to her favorite position.  Once again, her nose oozes, and her lips begin to tremble with fear.  The shadows creep their way to capture her in the night, to protect her.  Another 24 hour day seeming like eternity fades to night.  Trembling hands slowly make their way to the warming comforter that lies at the foot of the chair.  Sliding the comforter up she feels more safe and snug.   Knees covered in sweats and feet in wool stockings curl up to her stomach.

Still awake, but drowsy, she feels her heart beat faster and slower.  It feels like it is going to explode…the pressure, sorrow, helplessness are too strong for her to accept.  Though her body is motionless, her mind and her internal organs are restless.  Thoughts are whipping through her mind in every direction like violent winds of a thunderstorm.  It’s all way too much for her to take; she tries to think of the happy thoughts of what was once there, but now that special thing is gone.  The words of the doctor still linger in her head, which makes it feel like it happened yesterday.  The line she remembers the clearest from them all was, “Miss. Miss. Please have a seat.  I’m sorry that I have to break this news to you, but he died of internal bleeding.”

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