Amazing Yellowstone
Mehli, Age 13, Twin Falls, ID

Driving down the highway all you see are pine trees. It might be a little discouraging, but just a few miles behind those trees is an amazing world of phenomena…
Old Faithful spewed water out and it rained down onto the grass. Everyone on the board walk watched in amazement. Old Faithful is regular, sometime every hour. The color of the water spewing up is a light blue. The popular geyser has signs all over telling you what just or is about to happen. It really is an amazing thing to watch in person!

The next stop is the hot springs. You get out of the car and see winding paths with globs of people extending out, throughout the path. You amble over to the herds of people. You glance down to see underwater caves going down, down, and down ending with bones and skeletons. At the bottom an immense cave jots out to the left. The water is dark aqua, the rocks and shallow water is yellow, green, red, pink, and brown, with steam billowing out into your face.

Walking down the dirt trail you smell sulphur. The paint was a dirty gray color, with bubbles trying to surface through the thick mud-like substance. You walk up the stairs and considerably larger paint pots boiled making sploshes into the air. Several of the colossal paint pots were spread out, making sploshes into the air. But then you descended the stair out where you began.

Next stop was at a magnificent waterfall that excited water jumped down. Guiding the water along the continuing river, yellow stones were carved, creating a canyon that followed the river. The water was glorious with gallons of water racing down the slide every second. To see all of that the best view was at a bridge in the center of the canyon.

Old Faithful, Hot springs, Paint pots and waterfalls are just a dent of Yellowstone’s phenomena. To really get the full picture go see it yourself. West Yellowstone has much more and tons of animals. There are not enough words to tell you how marvellous Yellowstone really is. Those are just some of the have-to-sees in West Yellowstone!

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