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John Skelton. Band of Acadians
Dundurn Press $12.99 ISBN 978-1-55488-040-9 168 pg.
Reviewed by Anika, Age 11

"It looks as if we weren't followed," Nola said. "I guess the British are so busy loading our family onboard ships that they couldn't spare-"

"Get down!" Hector suddenly cried. "Take cover! Whaleboats coming!" No one moved. No one said a word.

Nola is an Acadian teenager in 1755- not the best time to be Acadian. Her parents have arranged an escape. Nola and her friends Jocelyne and Hector lead the group called the Rameurs to supposed safety. But the obstacles that they face amount to too much, and with war creeping up like a cat stalks its prey, the Rameurs are going to need more than just fishing boats for survival. With Frank, a Mi’kmaq, helping them arm themselves, and the bravery and courage that the Rameurs have, they will survive. Won't they?

Band of Acadians was an awesome book! The characters were extremely agreeable to my reading taste, along with being believable. They weren't a bunch of perfect historical dummies. I think the chapters could have been broken down a little bit more. The author also could have focused more on Hector and less on Frank. Frank got kind of boring sometimes, and describing exactly what went into the explosives could be disastrous. I would be able to make them myself! Other than this, Band of Acadians was amazingly easy to believe and left me wondering, "Is this a fictional account of a real life event?" I think Band of Acadians is written outstandingly well, with lots of details and differing characters. It is a very drawing book to look at, and appears exciting from the beginning. Exciting it most definitely is. There is loads of history, and even more adventure! I think this book would be extremely appetizing to any history lover. I could imagine almost the whole thing happening.

If you liked reading Band of Acadians, try reading Banished from Our Home by Sharon Stewart, or Evangeline and the Acadians by Robert Tallant. I recommend this book for ages eleven and up, or mature ten-year-olds at the youngest. To find out more about Acadians, go to

I still don't know if it honestly happened or not, but I do know that Band of Acadians deserves a wonderful 4 and one-half stars.


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