The Beast of Okanagan Lake
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One

Beneath the majestic waters of Lake Okanagan lurks a something that most people have never seen before. A creature said to live in this lake ever since the First Nations settled here.

The natives called this creature the “Lake Demon.” It is now known as Ogopogo, and it is frequently sighted in Lake Okanagan.

Usually people paint a friendly picture. But this story tells the dark side of the lake demon.

Two men were out hunting deer. They were looking for a large herd, but could not find any herds…yet.

One of the hunters said, "I’m starting to get tired. Should we cut our way to Squally Point."

The other said, "No, let's keep on going. There should be some bucks around here.”

Just then, as they turned around the corner, they saw a herd of deer crossing the lake. Most of them were males, some females and others were fawns. The deer kept on going for about fifteen minutes. As they just about reached Rattlesnake Island, they started to panic. All of them were alerted to the very presence of…something below. As the hunters were wondering why the deer were frozen with terror, to their horror, a gigantic neck complete with a small head grabbed one deer, dragging it to the very depths. But that was just one creature. After the first creature, five more appeared. They look something like a cross between a plesiosaur and a eel. Elongated coils breached out of the water as the creatures grabbed for their prey, as the creatures were about twenty foot long. As nearly half of the deer herd was remaining, the creatures quickly retreated back into the depths.

The hunters were hunting out here for about sixty years, but they had not seen anything like this. They thought this was the Ogopogo everyone was talking about.

Chapter Two

The hunters' faces were pale as can be and they made their way towards Squally Point. This was the spot where the monster was said to live. They sat down on a log.  The time was about three o’clock. They had eaten their lunches and continued their routine through the forest. As they made their way, suddenly they realized they had arrived at a bluff. Very steep it was as well.

Finally the first hunter said, "Keep your wits about you.”

The second hunter nodded. As they got down from the bluff, they found they had to swim across the small part of the lake to Rattlesnake Island. They jumped into the water and swam towards Rattlesnake. It was only three miles from where they were. They didn’t realize, however, that trouble was only a few feet below them.

Chapter Three

As they made their way towards Rattlesnake Island, the creatures that attacked the deer herd were safely in their own muddy homes, sink holes about 10 feet across. But just then they were disturbed by the splashes of the hunters. The creatures accidentally thought this was another herd of deer. The creatures got out of their holes and zoomed near the surface, towards the unaware hunters.

The hunters were starting to get tired, their muscles aching in the cold water. They tried to get to shore. At very last moment, as they were just about to reach the beach….one of the hunters was starting to panic, waving his arms wildly to the other hunter yelling, ”GET ME OUT OF HERE”. The hunter was wondering if his ally was making a joke, but just then a black hump surfaced heading towards the person in the water. The hunter was frightened by this sight, and he tried to make his way toward the shore. The creature zoomed foward. One….Two…Three…BITE.
The hunter was dead, lifeless in the creature’s massive jaws. The hunter on shore turned around and ran the other way. He then jumped in the water, frantically swimming as fast as his arms could carry him. More creatures suddenly appeared, their eel like heads glistening in the sun. One of the creatures bit the hunter’s calf muscle, causing him to yell in pain. Finally he got to shore, found his buddy’s body, dragged himself to his truck, and drove to the hospital.

No wonder that natives called this creature…The Lake Demon.

Chapter Four

The hospital’s doctors could not decide what had killed his partner. However, they found some interesting DNA evidence. The sent the DNA samples to a university in Ontario.

Four weeks later, the results came in. The tests showed that the DNA did not come from a known animal; this supports the hunter's claim that something lurks in Lake Okanagan. Until a live animal or piece of bone shows up, the mystery of the Okanagan lake monster, Ogopogo, will forever remain a mystery

The End

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