My Day at School
Sunayana, Age 8, Mumbai, India

My day at school was very nice.

In the night, I always sleep late but that day I slept early and woke up early the next morning.

But my driver named Kamal was fifteen twenty minutes late.

We zoomed off and reached school.

When I reached my class, not a single person was not there.

I was very very happy not to be late.

Then one by one everybody started coming. Everyone decided that we would decorate our class.

Everyone started decorating our class with chains, artificial flowers, etc.

After a while it was done. We played for a while and then our Miss arrived.

She said that we had to practice Maths.

Upon hearing that, we became very quiet.

Then Miss said that the entire class has been studying very well so we could play.

We were very happy. We played hide and seek, knock-knock stick in the wall and many more games.

Slowly time passed by and it was break. Miss told us to go for our break.

Our break was for half an hour. We went to my best friend Vedika’s class and asked her “Can you come down to play?”

She said “sure” and I replied “Thank you”.

Then we went to the playground and sat on the slide.

While sitting on the slide, we were thinking what to play. After some time, I asked Vedika whether we could play knock knock on the slide and she said yes. We played a lot.

That day at school was half day. So after our break, we went up to our class, packed our bags, said our prayers and went home.

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