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Kate DiCamillo. The Magicianís Elephant
Candlewick Press $20.00 ISBN 978-0-7636-4410-9 201 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 11

The elephant came crashing through the ceiling of the opera house amid a shower of plaster dust and roofing tiles and landed in the lap of a noblewoman, a certain Madam Bettine La Vaughn, to whom the magician had intended to present the bouquet.

The main character is Peter. His family died in a fire and he now lives with Vilna Lutz who is teaching Peter to become a soldier like himself and Peterís dad. When Peter uses Vilnaís money to visit a fortuneteller, he learns that his sister is alive but to find her he must follow an elephant. There just happens to be an elephant that fell through the roof and crippled a lady so Peter tries everything to get to this elephant. Finding his sister so he can take care of her, just like he promised when he was little.

On the other side of the story, Peterís sister, Adele, is in an orphanage and keeps having a dream that an elephant comes for her but the person at the door of the orphanage keeps saying that Adele isn't there. Will Peter and Adele be reunited?

First of all, I like how the magician had a dream of making magic but he cripples Madam La Vaughn and goes to jail. It made it more interesting instead of just having an elephant at the zoo or something. I also like how it had a little bit of Adele speaking because it showed you what she was thinking. I also like the cover because it showed the part of the elephant, the magician and the woman, a hint as to where to find the elephant. Fourthly, I like the pictures (illustrated by Yoko Tanaka) because theyíre good and are usually important to the story. Lastly I like how the magician and Madam La Vaughn work together at the end; at the beginning they hated each other.  They used teamwork to get what they wanted. 
I give The Magicianís Elephant a 4 star rating and recommend this book for ages 8-12.



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