The End
Charlotte, Age 11, Guelph, ON

Dark as stone, cold as night
Warm as power, free as flight
Feel the wave upon the shore
Wish to feel, nothing more

Feel the piercing blade within
Force it out or let it in?
Hard to see, blind of colour
Run, before there is another

Life is dark, life is bare
Struggle to breathe the air
Slowly crawl towards my doom
The end is here, the end is soon

Never believe what you hear
My last wish is coming near
I feel my heart, I feel my fright
Slowly spinning out of sight

Warmness breaks amongst the dark
Like a beautiful rainbow arc
Fly over crosses, death I see
Fire begins to engulf me

Always fear for light is gone
Wish for hope, like a swan
Feel for it, but itís not there
I feel alone, I feel despair

Burning ash is now my name
We all look and feel the same
We were, but never will again
Walk the earth, feel the rain

In ways it seems I miss it so
Before I wished that it would go
Just another piece of flame
Without me, nothing will change

I mean something to no one
Iím just another blade of grass in this field of doom.


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