Heaven Needs a Dog
Hannah, Age 12, Logan, OH

I had just gone out in the woods for a winter hike when I heard wailing. Not knowing what it was, I ran the other way. But then I heard it again and it sounded very faint this time, so I decided to explore.

I walked for awhile and it sounded like it was coming from a briar patch. I went up to the briar patch and there was a little baby husky dog that had scratches all over him and was bleeding badly. I decided to pick him up and take him to my house.

Once I reached my house, I ran inside and got an old cloth to clean the bleeding up. While I was doing that, I realized that somehow he broke two of his legs. I decided to take all the money out of my account and buy him all the things he needed to get better.

After we returned home I wrapped up his legs, covered his wounds, gave him some pain reliever, and put him to bed.  When we woke up he seemed to be worse, so I took him to the vet. All I could do was pray!

When we got to the vet I signed him in and went to the back room. Here is the vet and my conversation:

Vet: What do we have here?

Me: An injured husky puppy.

Vet: Why don't I take a look at him?

Me: OK, but be careful. I've tried my best to treat him, but he keeps getting worse.

Vet: I see.............well sweetheart, there's nothing we can do except give him medicine and hope for the best.

Me: But....

Vet: Honey, the only other thing we would do is properly wrap his legs and you already did that.

Me: Then what's the point in paying you?

Vet: You come here, you pay here.

Me: Fine, just give him the medicine.

Vet: I will, but it just looks like heaven needs a dog.

Me: Nobody needs a dog except me!

Vet: There, I gave him the medicine, you can pay at the counter. If there is anymore problems come back. Oh, and GOOD LUCK!

So I paid the lady and went home. After that, the dog went to sleep and dreamed sweet dreams while I prayed for him. I guess God answered my prayers because the next day we woke up and he was fine. As for me, well let's just say that I sent a letter to the vet.

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