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Stella Lennon. Invisible I (The Amanda Project, Book One) 
HarperCollins $19.99 ISBN 978-0-06-174212-5 296 pg.
Reviewed by Samantha, Age 12

“Look, obviously you’re not going to believe us if we say we’re innocent. So why don’t you just ask her yourself? She’ll tell you,” said Nia, and the crazy thing was that now her confidence didn’t remind me of Cisco so much as it did Amanda, the only other person I knew who never backed down in the face of authority.

Vice Principal Thornhill got up and walked around to the front of his desk. Then he leaned back on it and crossed his arms, staring at each of us in turn.

“That’s a lovely idea, Nia, and I’d be happy to comply. There’s just one problem with your plan. As the three of you know perfectly well, Amanda Valentino has disappeared.”

Callista Leary-better known as Callie- has absolutely nothing in common with Nia Rivera (the biggest social freak in school) and Hal Bennett (a total art geek gone hot). Or so she thinks. As an official member of the I-Girls (the most popular as well as exclusive girls club in high school; basically they rule the school and everyone in it) she has nothing do with, and wants nothing to do with, the biggest freaks in school. So when she’s called into the Vice Principal’s office, suspected of committing a crime with the two them, Callie has no idea what’s going on.

What everyone doesn’t know about Callie-the perfect I-Girl-is that secretly she is best friends with Amanda Valentino. Amanda acts as though she belongs in a different time; with her many platinum wigs, outrageously vintage out-dated clothing, talking in quotes from various different people, and just her wild take on life. Amanda’s not what you’d call ‘normal’, or definitely not average. As well as these crazy personality traits, Amanda keeps the rest of her life a hidden secret. Coming to school when she pleases, showing up at the most random times, and talking about living around just about everywhere. You could say she’s definitely unpredictable.

So when Callie is called down to the office, the Principal accusing her of helping Amanda, who suddenly disappears, Callie must force herself to hang out with Nia and Hal as they try to piece together the mystery of where Amanda went, and who Amanda really is.

I really, really enjoyed this story. It was so exciting; every moment made the adrenaline the characters must’ve felt run through my veins. The crazy character of Amanda was as spontaneous to read about as her own personality. I tried but failed to anticipate her next move, and what her clues meant. It was a wild goose chase that I felt entangled in as well, and yet when the story ended and Amanda’s whereabouts were still undiscovered, I wasn’t disappointed. It didn’t seem that important once the story ended to know what had happened to her but why Amanda did what she did. I cannot wait for the next addition to the series! It was so good-I finished it in one sitting.

I give The Amanda Project five stars. I recommend this book for ages twelve and up; it was a bit mature and some parts where so unbelievable that I had trouble understanding it.


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