The Magic Dog
Shrey, Age 9, London, UK

“Ow!” Jill screamed. Her dog, Rex, had bitten her again. Jill Symonds was the daughter of Max and Alice Symonds. Her parents were famous for winning a mysterious purple and red dog.

That dog was Rex. He was a very obedient dog that did whatever anyone asked him to do (he seemed to understand human language). But there was one thing about him that baffled everyone – Rex kept biting Jill – and only Jill – whenever he got the opportunity.

By 2010, Jill was bitten in forty different areas, including her face, arm and leg. Also by then, Rex was kept in an inescapable dog jail (or everyone thought it was inescapable).

“Now then, young lady,” said Max and Alice Symonds at the same time. “Doesn’t that feel much better?”
“Oh yes,” Jill said. Jill was in hospital, as you should probably know. But Jill felt a bit of emptiness without Rex. She thought he was a magic dog. Everyone else thought he was just a different breed of dog. Scientists called him an exopotola nimbus. You don’t need to remember that, though. It’s probably too complicated for anyone to remember. Certainly I can’t remember it (I have a bad memory).

One day, the police looked in Rex’s cage and found that he was gone! When the news came to the Symonds family, their hearts were pounding. One person sighted Rex, and ran (with a group of people) after him. Rex was too fast. But what happened next was the important thing. Rex changed colours from purple to blue and red to green. The group told the police where Rex had gone, and the police flew a helicopter in that direction. They took the Symonds family with them because it was their dog.

The helicopter halted and went to the ground. They went to the ground because they saw a gold, diamond, silver and bronze castle. Yes, a gold, diamond, silver and bronze castle. It was a dazzling sight but through the windows, they saw a less than beautiful sight.

Dogs were fighting a very strong man called – wait for it - Jill. All of them were lying dead except for one dog. That dog was Rex. He jumped on the man and – guess what – bit him. The man instantly dropped dead, and Rex was a hero.

Jill changed her name to Sophie because it turned out that the dog only bit people called Jill. All the world paid tribute to the exopotola nimbuses that had died, and (of course) to Rex. In the end, Rex earned the Symonds heaps of money by performing dog shows all over the country.


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