Mood Ring
T'aira, Age 14, Harrisburg, PA

I hate to remember the night that everything started to change for me. It all happened the night I was at the spirit store, aka Halloween store. But itís open year round. And I saw this ring that looked really cool, it turned red and orange. And on the caution words in small print it said ďwarning donít put it on unless you donít plan on taking it off.

So I took it to the register and the guy said it comes with a necklace. It was a necklace with a dragon and a crystal ball in the middle. And its eyes were green and red, in the light. But black with no light reflections. So I took it home that night put the ring on my ring finger on my right hand.

Therefore I put on the necklace, thatís when I noticed the way I felt emotionally. And my nose started to bleed, and I became light headed. Just then my mom came up to me and asked if I needed help with my nose bleed. But I yelled at her and slammed the door. She started crying, was I really that mean? I never yell at my mom and she was a strong person.

After that I looked down at the ring and it was red. I thought it was a mood right but it was the opposite of one. It puts the emotions into your mind. It really only gives you two emotions angry and mean. So I tried taking it off, but it wouldnít budge. So after that I normally was tired around midnight. But for some reason I stayed up all night. And I fell asleep when the sun came up.

So I broke the ring and the necklace and thatís when spirits and bad things started to happen to me. Like possessed people yelling at you, and hearing but not seeing doors opening slamming shut. Or at night you hear people walking around. I donít know but I think that I let something in my house. But not just something good, it's something very bad. Something that wonít stop following and haunting me.

And then thereís tonight thatís when I finally showed itself to me. All I know is that I was terrified. And never imagined anything like it. It was worst than my scariest nightmare.

That day at school was half day. So after our break, we went up to our class, packed our bags, said our prayers and went home.

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