Moving Miles
Becca, Age 11, Park City, UT

My family and I sat on a couch in a hotel room when my dad started babbling. Fortunately, I caught what he said. He was thinking about my family moving to Utah!

I sat with a blank expression on my face. Maybe it would be a good idea if I said something. I sheepishly asked, "What was that you said?” My dad looked at me like I wasn’t supposed to hear what he had just said. Eventually he would have to answer.

When he answered this is what came out of his mouth: ”I think it’d be for the best if we moved to here, to Utah.”

My mouth gaped open. “You say what,” were the only words that would and could come out of my mouth. My heart flitted violently.

That night as I lay in bed I thought of the pros and cons about moving to Utah. If I moved to Utah I would be leaving most of my family and friends. On the other hand there would be lots of snow! But, it would be a drastic change of weather. I mean, it's scorching hot in Arizona. In Utah it would be freezing! Brrrrr!

I guess I would still be happy if I moved to Utah. Leaving Arizona would be a heart breaker though. It would be a heart breaker because I might not be able to make friends! I guess it could only be for the best.

It was just 2 years ago, when I was 9 or 10. My dad had gotten laid off. So he basically had no job. In Utah he got offered a really good job. The job was so good that Mom wouldn’t have to work.

The rest of school passed in a blur. Then I found myself in the middle of summer, watching mover guys pile our stuff into a truck. I watched them put a box in their truck with my name on it.

My family and I got into our car and put the dogs in the back. It was a heck of a ride with those wild things! Good thing one of them is little.

As we drove away from my house, my mind wandered. It wandered over my good and bad memories in Arizona. We drove off as tears streamed down my face and I thought of all my memories. It was then that it finally kicked in that we were leaving.

Later I found out that it was a wonderful idea moving to Utah. I shouldn’t have worried about making friends. But, I still think and get a feeling that I should still be living in Arizona.


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