The Plan
Seth, Age 14, Harrisburg, PA

Our plan was to circle the warehouse along the barbed wire fencing to find a hole or a place that was missing the barbed wire. We didn’t find anything like that, although we did find a spot where the barbed wire was loose. We started hitting it with wooden sticks and rocks we found lying on the ground. All of a sudden, I heard footsteps coming down the steps. After one last hit, the barbed wire finally broke, and we quickly hopped the fence and began to run.

I was hoping we were escaping unnoticed when I heard the footsteps again and the voices of two menthey were hopping the fence and chasing after us. Beginning to run faster, we realized that there was just one problemwe had no idea where we were going! We decided that we had to back track until we made it to the beginning of the road that led to the warehouse. Even though all of us are young and in good shape, we were beginning to become tired and we needed to find a place to hide while we caught our breath. When we hid inside several large bushes, we quickly discovered they housed a bee’s nest! We weren’t able to leave because the two men chasing us stood just outside the bushes, except when Meat got stung and stifled a yell, we were forced to leave the bushes and run as fast as we could.

After we ran for what seemed like an hour, we finally arrived at my house. We spent the first few minutes on the floor catching our breath. When we caught our breath we decided we needed to make a plan. We ran through the house, locked all the doors and windows, and pulled down the blinds. Nick made a phone call to the police and tried to explain what happened. They didn’t believe him so we decided to grab some weapons to use when we went back to the warehouse to rescue our friends. Gathering what we could find, we had only a bucket of baseballs and a heavy aluminum bat.

Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the door.

Open the door, you little twerps!” someone yelled loudly.

Nervously we discussed a plan. “Nick, listen,” I whispered. “There are two guys out there. You hide on the other side of the door. I’ll throw a baseball at the first guy that enters. If I hit him I’ll yell 'HIT' and you hit the second guy with the baseball bat. If I miss, we’re screwed. Meat, I want you to open the door.”

“On my count,” Meat said. “3……2……1.”

The first guy looked around and walked in slowly. I threw the ball as hard as I could and stomped my foot to grab his attention. He turned just in time for the ball to hit him right between the eyes. He went down hard.

I yelled, “HIT.

The second guy entered cautiously and Nick swung the bat with all of his might. He hit him hard enough to knock him out. “Wow, I didn’t know I was that strong!” Nick yelled.

We were so relieved we started cheering and jumping up and down. When we quieted down we noticed police sirens in the distance, but coming closer. Several police cars pulled into the driveway. They told us they came because of the phone call that Nick had made earlier. Even though they didn’t believe his story, they decided they better check it out. We told the police all about us going into the strange warehouse and how we needed to go back there because our friends were still being held captive there by several men. The police immediately told us to hop into in the police car. We gave them directions to the warehouse as they sped down the road. When we arrived at the warehouse, the men were just climbing into their car. As they sped away, the police pulled their weapons and yelled for them stop. We sped away after them, which began an exciting high-speed chase.

While we were chasing them, the cop in the passenger seat turned to us and said, “I recognize these men. They are bank robbers and we’ve been trying to catch them for years. Thanks to you boys, we might finally do it.” Then he turned back around and called in a helicopter on his radio. He also called for backup and told them to lay down spikes on the road that the robbers were headed toward. They laid down the spikes and their car drove right over them. Their tires blew out, and they swerved out of control and into a ditch on the side of the road. The cops pulled up to the ditch and yelled for the two men to come out with their hands up. They quickly handcuffed them and freed our friends from the trunk. We friends made a pact then and there that we would never enter an empty warehouse again.

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