Soulless Rose
Emily, Age 11, Dartmouth, NS

A certain woman planted a rose and watered it faithfully, watching as it grew. In the days that she did this, she felt a kind of happiness she had not felt in many months. It was as though the rose took away that lonely feeling she had felt for so long, and, with something to care for, life seemed to go better and the rose became her friend in an odd way.

One day she realized that it was merely a plant and not a real person with real emotions. Suddenly, that happy feeling vanished, and she felt alone again. When she noticed the thorns on the stem, she thought, "How could I have thought this was a thing of beauty when there are so many painful flaws?"

She neglected to care for the plant any longer and sank back into her dejected state of mind. Over the days, the rose died and the woman watched it blacken and wither. As the petals fell, she remembered how much she had loved that rose and how much it had meant to her. In the end, she realized that she was like the rose in many ways because when the rose blackened, its soul died and her own died with it.

So, as she tossed away the rose, she swore to find a new one and truly care for it, because you are nothing without a soul.


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