Sarah's Stars

Edward Kay. STAR Academy 
Doubleday Canada $14.95 ISBN 978-0-385-66706-7 249 pg.
Reviewed By Victoria, Age 12

Amanda Forsythe watched with a mixture of nervousness and excitement as the judges of the Downview Public School science fair examined her display. She had spent every evening of the past month putting together her exhibit. It had been exhausting, but worth it, she hoped. She knew that photonsail space travel was a difficult concept to convey to anyone who didn’t have a sound knowledge of interstellar flight and quantum physics.

Amanda Forsythe: Eleven-Year-Old brainiac of Downview Public School. No friends. Everybody, including teachers and parents, thinks she’s crazy. But then something extraordinary happens at the school's science fair. She meets Professor Leitspied and Dr. Oppenheimer, two seemingly harmless scientists looking for brainiac recruits. But only when Amanda arrives at the STAR academy, run by Leitspied and Oppenheimer, does she realize why so many smart kids are all locked up in a fortress like STAR Academy.

Bottom Line: I learned some things while reading this book. It made me want to conduct my own experiments and become a brainiac. But I always have had a love of science, and if you’ve felt that way before, I would recommend this book. It is highly entertaining, so do yourself a favour and read it. I think it has a very appropriate length for the story. One thing I found, it was hard to believe an 11 year old could understand these scientific terms as well as she does. A book definitely suitable for ages 10-13.

I would like to award STAR Academy 3 and one-half epic stars.


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