The Beast of Puerto Rico
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter 1
It was a seemingly nice day in Puerto Rico. Palm trees swayed in the gentle wind, while the chimes of a nearby cabin were chingling their lives away. At the back of the cabin lay an emerald green rainforest teeming with life. It was a seemingly tranquil place. But little did the family know that a nightmare was about to come true. A creature from the darkest corners of their imagination was about to make appearance.

“Well,” said 12 year old Mike.What should we do”?
“I don’t know,” said his 16 year old brother.
“Come on you two,” called their mother. “Dinner's ready.
“Okay, Mom,” said Mike, and they both hurried back inside the cabin.

Chapter 2

After dinner, the family rested for the night. Mike was dreaming away….when he heard a strange growl outside his window. At first, he thought it was a wild animal. But as the growl became louder, Mike could see this was no ordinary animal growl. He got out of bed to discover there was no creature outside his window at all. He got into bed and continued to dream.

In the morning, he told everyone about the strange growl he heard. But everyone thought he was just dreaming or frightened by the thought of an exotic animal sound. He was still thinking about this sound three hours later. But also he was thinking of a creature that a tour guide told them about. El Chupacabra. Yep, Chupacabra, the so-called creature which had supposedly been sucking the blood out of animals in the area.

It is described as four to five foot tall with a lined spine down its back, looking like cross between a reptile, a kangaroo and a dog. Such a weird creature, if only... Then he heard his mother call out, “Oh my gosh!! Mike quickly got off the sofa, went outside and found his mother pale as pale. She was working in the garden, she told him, when she caught a glimpse of something in the trees. The something she described looked like an alien. But it also had a long, thin snout almost like an insect. Then a tongue like muscle whipped out and jolted it back in. It jumped away into the trees, never to be seen again. Its sinister appearance left Mike’s mother terrified. Pale color will fade away, but the memory of this creature never will.

Chapter 3

However that wasn’t the last of the creature. That night, in a farm cabin three miles away, tragedy struck. A shadowy figure jumped on the farm's roof, ready to drink… It jumped into the chicken coop, then silently walked through. Checking to make sure nothing was following it, the creature smelled the area. So far, nothing. Then a chicken woke up to get a drink, unaware of the danger lurking nearby. The creature found its target….closed in swiftly…then….STRUCK. The creature’s proboscis pierced into the throat, rendering the bird motionless. That was satisfying for the blood thirsty creature, but ten more still remained. 

Mike got up at one o clock in the morning. He wanted to get a drink, so he did. Just
when he was about to leave the kitchen, something walked by the window. Mike
cautiously made his way towards the window, only to discover nothing's there.
Then, footsteps on the roof. His heart started pumping, adrenaline running as
fast as the bloodstream could carry it. Then finally it stopped. Mike rushed to
his bed, and closed his eyes as tight as could. In the morning, he didn’t talk about it for fear of ridicule from his family.

Chapter 4

Mike was still wondering about the creature, the Chupacabra. Meanwhile, his brother was outside getting ready for supper, as it was hot dogs on the menu. He was about to get the last wiener when he heard a growl in the foliage behind. When he turned, he saw a creature four feet tall with a long, jawless snout, with a small opening. The creature’s fleshy proboscis licked its face, and then looked at him. It had sturdy legs to walk on, but its gaze made him terrified.

The family finished their hot dogs, and two days later, they went back home. But the creature will always remain, hidden deep in the forest of Puerto Rico.

The End


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