Sarah's Stars

N.D. Wilson. 100 Cupboards
Yearling $7.99 ISBN 978-0-375-83882-8 289 pg.
Reviewed by An-Mei, Age 12

Henry jerked awake and squinted in the light. At first, he wasn't sure why he was awake. He didn't need to use the bathroom, his arms weren't asleep, and he wasn't hungry. He couldn't have been sleeping long.

He sat up. A piece of plaster rolled down his forehead, bounced on the tip of his nose, and landed on his chest. He ran one hand through his hair, and more bits of his wall dropped onto his lap. He looked up.

Above him, two small knobs protruded from the plaster of his wall. One of the knobs was turning, very slightly. A small scraping noise grew until a final thump rained fine plaster dust down on Henry and his bed.

The main character is Henry York, adopted by Phil and Urs York. When his parents are taken hostage, Henry Goes to live with his Aunt Dotty and Uncle Frank in Kansas, where he meets Henrietta, Anastasia, and Penelope. When Henry hears a tapping sound, and plaster starts to fall off his bedroom wall to reveal 99 cupboards, Henry's adventure starts.

This book was fairly good although it took a while to really sink my teeth into it. I did not like that he didn't really explain the Witch and, where she came from. Also Henrys parents weren't really characters, and it gave no reasons why they would be taken hostage. I liked how he made the black cupboard "Endor" dark and mysterious, as if to contradict the warm friendly post office. The diagram of the cupboards and the list in the front of the book is really neat.

I give 100 Cupboards three and one-half stars. This book kick starts an amazing fictional trilogy. It's a great read for kids and is recommended for readers 8 to 12 years old.



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